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1999/10-2004/9 Nanostructured Liquid Crystal Project, ERATO, JST
  • ERATO (Exploratory Research for Advanced Technology) program started in 1981, and has supported ambitious research proposals. For more, click Here
  • Original Proposal submitted May, 1998 (in Japanese). Click Here (277)
  • NanoNet Interview explaining the background and impact of nanostructured liquid crystals (Janurary, 2004). Click Here (291)
  • Ex-post evaluation report, January, 2005 (in Japanese). Click Here
  • http://www.nanolc.jst.go.jp/
2004/10- Liquid Crystal NanoSystem Project, ERATO/SORST, JST
2001/4-2006/3 Synthetic NanoFunction Materials Project, Nanotechnology Program, NEDO
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